Make More Money Online with Freelancing Websites


Freelance Writing is an industry that is uncertain in nature since no one can tell the amount you will earn. Some days you are going to make a six-figure income while the other days you will strive hard to earn. This happens because with time the freelancing industry has massively grown. Many people shift their professions to freelance writing as they want to cash the freelance writing opportunities. This means there is a large pool of writers out there and clients are loaded with many options. It’s a real challenge to maintain consistent earnings. This can cause a ton of nervousness and restless evenings.

In any case, fortunately, there are innumerable sites that are offering a great many outsourcing gigs. You need to keep an eye on the freelancing websites and apply right there as you see some clients asking for the services that you sell. This can help when you need additional cash or you’re attempting to meet a month-to-month pay objective.

  1. Contently 

Contently is different from other freelancing sites. It effectively helps writers get together with enormous name worldwide organizations like Walmart, Google, Coca-Cola, and GM. It is incredible since you’re not just making money by working with these huge brands, you are building your profile too. Imagine the names of such big multinational brands in your portfolio. Your work for such large organizations will add credibility to your profile and work. Building your profile helps you in bringing more clients.

Contently has headhunters that glance through writer’s portfolios and see which author fits best with which brands. I would say that Contently is a platform for experienced writers since the forum wants top-notch work for their clients.

So if you are an experienced writer and looking for more online jobs content-related then you should explore Contently for sure.

2. Blogging Pro

Blogging Pro is a task board with something beyond content occupations on offer. Individuals visit Blogging Pro to check jobs including; Journalism, magazine writing, Copywriting, and editing.

This makes it an extraordinary alternative in case you’re hoping to extend from content writing into another field. Specialties that are well known on the Blogging Pro occupation board incorporate; Social media content writing, celeb writing, poker news writing, and Stock market writing.

They additionally have a blog where they assist independent authors with everything from getting more customers, composing quality posts, and requesting references from existing customers. So in case you’re new in the independent content industry, Blogging Pro is really useful.

3. IWriter

iWriter is an advantageous way for writers of all experience levels to bring in some additional money. You should simply make content that customers cherish and convey at the earliest decided deadline.

They likewise have an additional component that permits customers to tip you if you’ve conveyed extraordinary work. This works as a great motivational factor for writers. When you know you are going to have extra payment, you go the extra mile to deliver top-notch quality work. Furthermore, you can get this cash alongside your standard rate through PayPal. You pick how frequently you want to get paid, for instance, one time each week or double seven days.

4. ProBlogger

ProBlogger is a site that extends to a writing employment opportunity board that has far-off gigs which writers can easily pitch.

The best part is, ProBlogger is so simple and basic. The site never slacks and the way toward pitching for a content job is direct. There’s no membership, advertisements, or charge card data required. Else if you want to pitch for any content job and the website gives you a tough time in the application process, then it becomes super frustrating. Because pitching in time matters a lot!

You will be glad to know that the founder of ProBlogger likewise runs a blog and email bulletin that gives supportive and inside and out tips, stunts, and instructional exercises on the most proficient method to expand blog traffic, compose better posts, and bring in cash expounding on what you love.

So not only do these websites give you amazing opportunities to generate more income but also they are providing meaningful insights into content writing so that all the writers can get the benefit of it and grow exponentially in the content industry.