8 Amazingly Legit Part-time Online Jobs


Online jobs are increasingly becoming popular among people. Few people want to sell their services online and earn a great deal of money, while others are already doing full-time jobs and want to generate more income with online jobs. Lastly, there are a few people who are extremely talented and with the increasing trend of online jobs, now they intend to earn a pretty decent income by utilizing their talent. 

Today, we will talk about some of the amazing part-time online jobs which you can do easily along with your full- job. 

  1. Proofreader 

Do you have OCD? Do you wish to see everything perfectly fine and organized? Many of us are like that. For instance, many of us can’t stand grammatically incorrect content. The moment we see such content; we want to correct it. So,

If you are such a type of person then proofreading online jobs are the perfect fit for you. You can find many part-time online jobs on Upwork, Proofreading services.com and other online jobs platforms. 

Let me give you good news! With the right proofreading skills, you can make up to $43,000 a year. Isn’t that amazing? If you have this talent, then apply right away. 

2. Online Surveys 

If you have that eye that analyzes products and services, then you should try to write online surveys and suggest brands to improve their products and services. Online paid surveys are one such effortless online job. The more surveys you complete, the more you get paid. You can earn %50-$100 per month. The best part is, it is not time-consuming so even when you are back from your job, relax, take a rest and fill the online surveys! 

3. Online Instructor 

For a part-time job, online teaching is a good option. If you have any expertise, for instance, graphic designing, web designing, content writing, data entry, or command over a subject, like Math, English, or other subjects you can think about online teaching. It won’t take much of your time. Plus, if you are passionate about teaching, then this can be your first choice in part-time online jobs. 

4. Website Tester 

Web testing is another interesting part-time online job. In web testing, the testers are required to help companies in optimizing the user experience. You can do this by reviewing the website, mobile apps, user interface, prototypes, and overall experience of using the website. I recommend you to get this online job from Userlytics. Testers are paid every after two weeks, an amount ranging from $5 to $50. 

5. Virtual Assistant 

Are you a person who is always organizing and managing things properly to complete your goals? Are you so habitual of it that you like to do the same for others? If you are such a type of person then a virtual assistant online job will suit you. You can work as a virtual assistant for various business managers or CEOs. 

You can help them in administrative work, documents plan, graphic designing, and digital marketing services including social media management, content writing and, content marketing. You can get paid to $25 to $100 an hour for this online job.

6. Travel Agent 

For those who are traveling freaks and love to guide people regarding traveling details, a travel agent online job is a good option for them. Just think about it, there are many traveling groups on social media where people post their queries, and people who are passionate travelers, give them the necessary details. Why not do the same as a part-time online job?

Many travel agents are now making a net income of $29,000-$58,000 annually. 

7. Search Engine Evaluator 

Search engines including Bing and Google keep on updating their algorithms. But they need users’ valued comments to know if updated algorithms are working well or not since there are sometimes technical glitches. 

It’s a good part-time job, just fill out the assessment forms and get paid. Many people earn up to $12 to $15 per hour by just filling the review forms.

8. Resume Writer 

We all know a well-written resume is very important in the job process. Many people do not know how to write up a good and proper formatted resume. If you know how to prepare a presentable and grammatically correct resume, then try to do a part-time resume writer online job. 

ResumeEdge is a credible online jobs forum where you can find work from home jobs of a resume writer. 

Roll up: 

Earning extra income is always good. You can save more and manage your expenses with convenience. Part-time online jobs allow you to generate more income with ease. There are many part-time online jobs available that are quite easy and less time-consuming so you can manage them along with your full–time job. If you have skills and you think that it’s time to cash those skills, then part-time online jobs can give you the chance to do so.