5 Legit Online Jobs for College Students


Many college students worry about school costs getting higher every year. The real challenge comes when they start to look for jobs to assist with financing their schooling so they don’t need to depend on such a huge amount on educational loans.

The difficult part is, it isn’t that simple and easy to get a good job particularly when students have a restricted timetable that already takes up much of their energy for classes and schoolwork. So this is a problem for college students. Wait! We have something to tell you which will help you in solving your problem. Let’s check what’s that. 

Online jobs! Yes, you get it. After all, we all are aware of how much popularity online jobs have gained in recent years. Plus, the COVID-19 situation also made people think of earning through online jobs opportunities and work-from-home jobs since work from home jobs have been a lifesaver in 2020. In short, COVID-19 has contributed to driving the interest of people towards online jobs.

If you are a high school student and are scratching your head out of stress, don’t do that. There are many sorts of online jobs available from which you can choose the ones you can go for.

1. Ipsos Isay 

Isn’t it exciting to get paid for answering survey questions from your phone? Imagine how hard it would take to fill a survey form? You can do it any time. When you are done with your class, and going to a café for some food, fill the survey until your food comes ;). It’s just a 2 minutes’ task!

With Ipsos I-Say you can do this easily. You can fill surveys, attain points and afterward cash out for PayPal or different prizes. It is an extraordinary client experience and truly a pleasant sight.

2. Swagbucks 

Essentially this is a free site that offers you a lot of online job opportunities to bring in money, gift vouchers, or different prizes.

You can earn by filling surveys, doing basic assignments (like giving website reviews), and exchanging old computer games or books. Wait! I forgot to tell you one more thing you can do at this website to earn money. Playing Games! Yes, I know you are a bit amused but that is true.

Many college students use this website for online jobs and get paid from them.

3. Get Paid to Download an Application 

Do you know what is even simpler than filling out surveys? Let me tell you, download an app.

SmartPanel is an application that takes up anonymous usage data from a user’s phone. They do so to pick the bugs and exceptions faster.

How much do you get paid for it? 5$ every month if you don’t uninstall it.

Simply tap the button to get the application and enjoy payments through PayPal or Amazon gift vouchers!

4. Get Paid Testing Sites 

More and more businesses are going online and increasing the digital marketing competition. In such a scenario companies are striving hard to retain their customers and attain new clients. One of the ways they are adopting to attract more customers is to optimize the user experience on their websites and apps. That’s where Usertesting comes in. There is free signup on Usertesting. So you sign up and start doing the interesting process of answering questions about a website’s performance. Let them know what you like, what bothers you, website speed effectiveness, and visual design appeal. Answer questions and get paid!  

5. Blogging 

This can work well if you already have your blog or if you have a passion for writing and aim to get traffic coming to your blogging website. When you have a blog that has thousands of visitors each month, then you can earn a great deal of money.  

It simply works like that, if your blog has 1000s of visitors per month, the companies will pick your website for PPC advertising. They want your audience to know about their products, so they will pay you for this!

Another way of earning through a blog is by getting ready and selling your digital book. Choose a subject you’re proficient in, one that individuals are probably going to pay to find out about, compose your digital book, then, at that point, market it on your site. You can use PayPal for collecting your payments. Once more, this is a simple way to earn additional cash from your blog.


So many online jobs opportunities are available. You just need to see what fits well with your nature and expertise. Seize the opportunities that are just one step away from you!