4 Legitimate Online Jobs for Inexperienced Introverts


Online jobs are simply amazing. In fact, online jobs are ideal for introverts. There are many reasons for which introverts prefer working from home. Let’s check why people love online jobs, especially introverts. 

  • There is great flexibility, as you can take up individual projects according to your schedule and decide upon the level of stress you can handle.
  • One or two days can easily be skipped for taking a break from the working schedule. There is no need to get leave approval from your boss because you are your own boss. 
  • No need to go regularly to the office and work from 9-5, for the entire week. 
  • Minimum interaction with people. 
  • Communication with clients can be done via Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. 
  • Training can be acquired via online tutorials, courses, and webinars.
  • Highly-paid. 

In short, online jobs offer a lot of convenience to people. Many mothers perfectly manage to work from home and spend quality time with their families. 

The best part is many online jobs require no experience. So if you are an introvert and love working from home, then let me tell you a few interesting online jobs.

4 Interesting Work from Jobs for Introverts with No Experience

Let’s see what are the amazing online work opportunities for introverts. One thing to remember is that although the online jobs we are going to talk about do not require experience, they do require some particular skills for effective outcomes. 

  1. Social Media Manager

If you are a social media geek, then this job is for you. There is no such experience needed for managing the social media accounts of companies. To start with, firstly you can do some online courses on digital marketing and social media marketing. There are many forums out there from where you can do free online social media courses. Forums like Google and Udemy can be very helpful in this regard.

Move ahead by working with startups that usually don’t afford to hire full-time social media managers. This will add credibility to your profile and make it easy for you to get big clients. 

Find clients from social media, indeed, Upwork, fiver, and ProBlogger. You will get a lot of potential clients from these online jobs platforms. 

2. Transcriber 

Transcribing is one of the easiest remote jobs. It requires no experience. You have to listen to what is said and convert it into typed text. Sit on the couch with your laptop and coffee, simply listen and write. It’s that easy!

If you work for transcription companies, you can earn between $7 per hour up to $20 per hour. However, the rates can vary from country to country.

3. Subtitling 

Subtitling is an amusing career choice but before you decide to do this job, let me tell you how you can learn to subtitle. 

Subtitling requires particular skills. There are many online tutorials available on subtitling and guidelines about how to do it. For subtitling, you need to learn to work on the software which is mostly available from open resources. 

Subtitling for commercials and feature films is higher paid than web series and T.V series. The average salary for a subtitle translator is $49,306 annually in the United States. 

Many subtitling jobs are available on Upwork and glassdoor so you can take many subtitling projects from there.  

4. Freelance Writing 

If you are an avid reader and love to write, then freelance writing is the perfect job for you. It requires no experience. Start by writing a few pieces of articles and practice developing copywriting skills. There are many forms of content for which you can offer freelancing services such as blogging, article writing, website content, press release, memos, business proposals, LinkedIn messages, social media messages, etc. The key to understanding content writing is that each form of content has a specific voice of tone and writing style. Once you learn about these styles you are ready to go. 

Many freelance writing jobs are available on social media, indeed, ProBlogger, Upwork, and fiver. Freelancing writing is one of the highest-paid online jobs. The earnings depend on the type of content project. Many freelancers earn more than $200,000 per year.  

5. Blogging 

Blogging is best for introverts who are inexperienced because you don’t need to interact with people. It requires no expertise. If you wish to start blogging, you can learn a few guidelines from open sources and start working on it. 

Blogging is similar to having a conversation with people about your inspirations. You can write blogs on various topics including, technology, food, traveling, parenting, health, and wellness, etc. Write about what you love and earn a great deal of money from this online job.  

With high web traffic, you can get paid if companies display ads on your blogging website. 

Roll up:

Many people love online jobs because they offer flexibility and high salaries. Introverts particularly love to work from home because it allows them to have less interaction with people. They can work from the comfort of their home without having face-to-face communication with people. If you intend to work online but are reluctant to do so because you are inexperienced, then do not worry, because there are many online jobs available that require no experience. You only need to learn relevant skills related to your area of the field and you are right there.